Our Story

We moved from Putney, London to Portsmouth in 2000. Pauline re-joined Royal Mail as a Postie. After Heather had finished her education, she had a number of customer service and retail-based jobs. In 2013 she was offered, by a friend, to become a Pattern Cutter at a company, that specialized in high end custom-made furniture. It was here that she found her passion for home interiors. After finding out that a large amount of the leather scraps was thrown away, she decided to see what she could make from this wastage. Having always been creative, Leather Heather grew from here. What started out as a hobby then turned into a flourishing business that then inspired the idea of The Interior Port. A much need home and gift shop in the heart of Southsea, Portsmouth.

During Lockdown 2022, we took an online business course, and it was then that we both decided that we wanted to have this Home and Gift Shop. Products that we could design ourselves and wholesale in from online trade suppliers, as well as our own products from Leather Heather Crafts. 

To us, making your home look good shouldn’t have to be expensive! Which is why we’ve started this business. Our products are for everyday people that everyday homes.

Come forward with us as we add more collections in the coming months. Collections based around themes, styles and seasons.